SuckyBlog will be on break for a short while. Got work to do.

Will try to be back in a few weeks. Maybe a month or two.

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Wow, summer must really take its toll on blogging. So many of us are taking a break or slowing output. Have a great break!

I took a break for a week but a month or two?! Say it ain’t so!:(

Oh no! I’ll go into suckyblog withdrawal…

You suck. Isn’t your blog suppose to operate under the regulations set forth by the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified Sucky District) of year round blogging? I want my money back.


NO Jack, NOOOOO! Don’t leave…no one is as sucky as you…you are always my first commentor…blech!

Don’t listen to them – enjoy!
Yeah, OK, listen to them – come back soon!

That sucks!! :P

Enjoy your break :).

Laziness is the lowest form of wit. Official!

I go away for a few days and everything’s changed, Jack. I’m sure everyone reading this feels that the fluffy, sucky rug has been pulled out from under their little blog feet right now.?!
Get a move on then.

Good luck with those outside projects. I expect a full report when you get back.

Has something happened? Hope not. I don’t remember you filling in an ‘absence of leave request form’.

Hurry back

Le sux. Enjoy the outside world!

My day will not be complete. This is a travesty.

You’d damn well better come back! I only recently found you and now I need your twisted humor to get through my pathetic day!

You think you can just “take a break” whenever you want? No sir. This is how stalking happens.

I miss you already oh sucky one.

Work hard – then come play.

Well this sucks.


I mean… *frown*

Have fun out in the real world. Don’t forget to come back, we’ll miss you!

Yeah, you know, I was so gonna add “don’t forget to write!” …

Good luck with whatever you pursue! I hope you’re not gone forever!


No way! well that DOES suck!

good luck getting it done!

i’ll miss you


Are you out investigating that whole “hovering over the toilet” phenomenon? I told you I’d give an interview! Good luck with your project. Please come back soon!

A month or two?! You’re kidding right, Jack?! What am I supposed to do when you’re gone?! Eh wait, I’ve bills to pay, a job to find, photos to take, hair to cut…

You’ll be missed. I’ll take this opportunity to go back into the archives. Enjoy the break!

You can’t take a break from blogging! That’s against all rules! Unacceptable! It…sucks!

I had no idea….This sucks man.
You shall be missed.

That sucks!

I was wondering where you’ve been! Hurry back!


so sad

Get your ass back soon now .. ya hear?

Enjoy your break!

O.K., enjoy…and be really productive, so that you can get back to blogging a.s.a.p.

you suck!

Do your work. Miss ya.

I did the same bc I was pissed off about something. Now I’m back. Please visit again…and keep writing.

Jack, when are you coming back?! It sucks without having Suckyblog around. :)

come baaaaaaack

where r rrrrrr uuuuuu

Boooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! You really should have checked with us, Jack.

Ok enough already come back.

Enough already. Break is over.

you still suck!!!!!

(taps foot)

Aren’t you over that hangover yet?!!!

Get to bloggin.

You back yet? You haven’t seen my new layout, courtesy of Fatticus.

I’ve started reading The Huffington Post. Please save me

Ok, seriously. I can’t take it.
Get back here.

How are you doing, mister?

Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?

Come back.

*pokes your blog with a stick*

Is this thing still alive?

Jack, it’s September already.
Quick come back and wow us with your stuff again! Suffering from SuckyBlog withdrawal symptoms. :(

Your two months are up.

Jack, obviously your fans need “suckiness”…come back…2 months and counting.

You’re never coming back, are you?

You’ve given up the blogging ghost haven’t you?


I wish you the best….but just want you to know that you aren’t forgiven for doing this because now I have to go and screw with my template…and that’s never good.

Again, best wishes to you.


Still have you on my blogroll, not gonna give up hoping you will return

Miss your wit!

JACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! 4 months! 4 months! Quick come back & write something! We’re dying here!

Where are you????????????????????????????
I want sucky blog back again!

(standing with arms crossed)

Unless you’ve lost all limbs, your nose, tongue, chin AND you stopped breathing. We’d really appreciate an update.

Five months now and counting. No wonder things have seemed off. I have not had my fix of suckiness in some time. I refuse to give up.

Same as that Dagny

Back to blogging for a bit just to say, “Happy Holidays!!” to you my dear friend :-)

missy xx

PS. Any cool pressies? ;-)

please come back :(

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